Over the period of August to November 2022, we have planned a series of events focused on the theme of public good in science. This page outlines the current status of our schedule, including confirmed events and times, and details about upcoming events.

Note: themes and timings are subject to change until they are confirmed, based on availability of speakers and optimised timing.

5th August 2022 16:00 AESTIntroduction to “Science for Public Good”
In this first event of the S4PG x TFOM series, our invited speakers Merryn McKinnon and Sujatha Raman will introduce the broad and complex concept of science for the public good – what is the public good, and what might this look like in science? How should we measure it? How is this connected across research, policy, and engagement?
Merryn McKinnon, Sujatha RamanRegister to attend here:
30th August 2022 11:00 AESTThemed Gathering: “Citizen science”
This second event of the S4PG x TFOM series will explore science for the public good through the lens of science conducted with public involvement, with positive outcomes for both science and the public. Our invited speakers Dr Victoria Metcalf, Dr Tahlia Perry, and Dr Ivy Wong will present their work with citizen science projects across government, industry, and research organisations, including community co-design, reporting echidnas, and classifying galaxies.
Victoria Metcalf, Tahlia Perry, Ivy WongRegister to attend here:
14th October 2022 17:00 AEDTPanel: “How should academia operate in future to better prioritise inclusion and S4PG?”
The third event of the S4PG x TFOM series focuses on the themes of inclusion and public good in the context of academia, bringing together a range of perspectives from our invited speakers Mohammad Taha, Emily Henderson and Thilina Heenatigala. Together with our attendees and speakers, we hope to explore tangible ways that academia might diversify in the near future to be more inclusive and accessible, and what role science for public good may play in this evolution.
Thilina Heenatigala, Emily Henderson, Mohammad TahaRegister to attend here:
29th November 2022 00:00 AEDTThemed gathering: “Open Data, Wikimedia and S4PG”
This fourth event of the S4PG x TFOM series explores Wikimedia, open data, and the public good. Our invited speakers Cristian Consonni, Amanda Jurno, and Daniel Mietchen will present their work with open data and Wikimedia, creating positive outcomes for the public good through dissemination of and access to scientific data and knowledge, including as open tools for education.
Cristian Consonni, Amanda Jurno, Daniel MietchenRegister to attend here:
TBAThemed gathering: “Sustainability, climate change, and public good”TBATBA
TBAPanel: “How is astronomy used to achieve public good outcomes?”TBATBA

Over the second half of 2022, we also plan to work with organisers of other events to incorporate exploration and evaluation of improved online interaction as a public good in science. In this table we outlined these events where we plan to partner with organisers.

~September 2022Research impact in scienceLead: Imaina Widagdo
1) 90 min workshop exploring research impact measures
(advice on hybrid provided)
21st October 2022Japan SciCom ForumLead: Elizabeth Tasker
1) Workshop: “Online and Hybrid Post-COVID
2) Networking session
4th November 2022InterAcademy Partnership and Worldwide Meeting of Young AcademiesLead: Vanessa Moss
1) 90 min workshop: “Preparing Academia for the Future of Collaboration: Opportunities and barriers
25th November 20222022 SRAP Australia-Spain Research ForumLead: Ángel R. López-Sánchez
1) Talk: “BIG QUESTION 3: Virtual Reality
2) VR demos during lunch/afternoon tea
3) Panel discussion on digital worlds
1st December 2022Astronomers for Planet Earth SymposiumLead: Vanessa Moss
1) Advice/consultation on online approaches
2) Invited talk on TFOM and relevance to A4E community
3) Assistance with technical platform execution (e.g. captioning, setup, evaluation)